Renee is a Sydney based, Certified Postpartum doula & Maternal Mental Health advocate. Providing individualised emotional and practical support to women and families

Looking for the right person to guide you through your postpartum?

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Antenatal Support

Pregnancy Education

Birth Preparation

Postpartum Planning

& Support

Postnatal Support

Breastfeeding & Settling

Nourishing meals & snacks

Light housework

Emotional Support

Birth prep


The ebook every pregnant woman should read!

Leaving its readers educated, prepared and ready to experience a positive birth and postpartum

$15.00 AUD

Virtual support for antenatal, postnatal & labour available

Mother with Her Newborn Baby
Kitchens were made to nourish a home

Nourishing meals & snacks to ensure optimum recovery & milk production

Ensuring your emotional wellbeing & mental health in your postpartum

mental health support
Essential Oils with Various Herbs and Flowers

Supportive essential oil & tea blends

24/7 phone support during the first 6 weeks postpartum

Mobile Phone
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Access to library of books, tools and items to help during labour

Birth debriefing available in person or virtually.

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Newborn baby sleeping

Overnight support available to help you get the sleep you need




1 x Prenatal planning visit $150

3 x Prenantal planning visit $400

1 x Postnatal visit $150

3 x Postnatal visits $400

6 x Postnatal visits $850

1 x Overnight Support $550 (10pm - 7am)

On call during labour $200

1 x Prenatal planning session $100

3 x Prenatal planning session $250

1 x Postnatal session $100

3 x Postnatal session $250


Clary sage oil blend for labour $15

Uplifting oil blend $15

Relaxing oil blend $15

Reflexology birth comb $15

Pregnancy and Postpartum tea blend $ 15

Birth photography edit up to 20 candid birth photographs $50

Birth debrief session in person or virtual $ 100

If you choose to book in support for your entire pregnancy journey you will receive a complementary download of my Ebook as well as a welcome pack of essential oils & goodies!

Midwife using a rebozo with a pregnant woman

‘Engaging Renee as my doula was the absolute best decision i made for my journey into motherhood. Every question was answered with kindness, knowledge, extensive detail and personal experiences without judgement or bias. She was the cheer squad you don’t realise you really need in all of the little moments. Renee helped me to learn to surrender to the unknowns of this journey. She patiently listened to us share our experiences and concerns and celebrated our wins with us, which is invaluable at such a sensitive and challenging time. Every visit Renee would arrive with her hands full of goodies and her heart filled with enthusiasm, love and pride in her work.

I can’t thank Renee enough for her support and she will have a special place in our family for life.’


Pregnant Couple with Doula at Home

‘Renee was my rock throughout, giving informative and helpful advice and answering my many questions. I looked forward to her visits and greatly appreciated her generous and personalised gifts and treats to keep my going. Renee was with me every step of the way , including holding my hand during my caesarean. I am forever indebted to her love, care, friendship, guidance and support. She has a wealth of valuable knowledge about evidence based research around preganacy and birth and has helped me to be a calm and happy mother to a healthy contented baby girl. We are so grateful to have shared our beautiful journey with you, Renee. Thank you for being the best doula a woman could ask for.’


Did you know Pregnancy & Postpartum support can be covered under your NDIS funding?

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